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Who is the support association?

Registered association

Since 2001  the association has been working as a parents' initiative to support the school. As a  non-profit association, we are able to handle projects for the school and issue donation receipts.

Founded by committed parents

Several generations of parents have accepted the challenge to do something for the children of our community and thus also for the Selters (school) location. Everyone in their own way, with their own skills.

You are welcome to make an honorary  contribution. Support our board work. Contact us.


Such a project can only be realized with financial support . Many small and large contributions enable a wide range.

The supporters include our valued  members, the municipality of Selters, the district of Limburg/Weilburg, the state of Hesse and individual donations.

Our goals

To maintain and promote Selters as an attractive school location  for pupils, pupils and parents

Financing of educational projects with the support of a qualified school psychologist

Acquisition of teaching material, furnishing the library, participation in and organization of events (e.g. Easter bazaar, Christmas market, school festival, school enrollment cafe), support in designing the schoolyard.

Our heart: the school island

Our concept

· Homework help

· Exercise and relaxation

· care times from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m

· Fostering creativity /
  Project offers

· Networking with school projects and
    of school social work

Our team

A core team of qualified employees takes care of the small and large needs of the students.

You will be supported by trainers and teachers who offer a wide range of AG's.

National projects are funded and integrated into the care offer.

The association attaches great importance to regular further training of the team in order to develop skills.

Maintenance and operation of the canteen


We also take care of the physical well-being of the children.

Nutritious, delicious  menus are freshly prepared daily by our caterer. There are also soft drinks.

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